Claims Investigation

Complex Claims Investigation

The most important part of claims investigations is understanding the breadth of cause and effect that is in play, especially with multiple parties involved. Our staff not only works arduously to fulfill the objective of the client and their counsel, but excels in identifying the aspects of information needed to fulfill and expand the theory of liability.


Witness Interview & Statements

Conducting a proper interview of witnesses is key revealing all of the information necessary to build case, and being able to properly secure a statement is paramount.


Background Investigations

Background investigations, aren't just criminal & civil histories, there's so much more.  With the ability to cross reference the wealth of information available it can build an entire narrative to support many cases. Please let us review your case as we can identify ways to build a case beyond what you've experienced before.


Locating Individuals

Whether is locating witnesses, the insured, or other parties to interview or have served, we've located people everywhere  Modern databases are great, but it's invaluable to have that combined with the ability to  locate people without them.


Aircraft & Rail Investigations

Beneficial's diverse staff includes a former NTSB Investigator, a Rail Expert, a former Chief of Police, and more. Please call to discuss.